Sunday, December 27, 2009

Napali Coast

A few weeks ago, Candice and I set out on an adventure to Kauai. We hike the Napali Coast. It is 11 miles in to the gorgeous beach. We had such a fun, crazy adventure the entire 4 days we were there, starting with the lack of preparation the day we got there. So many hilarious things happened (5 hitch hiked rides, ghost stories that freaked us out, "Wild" who showed us pics of him surfing in the 60's, spaghettios, "Spirit" and Andre the seashell men, the naked women, the hidden book store, our makeshift tarp tent, getting rained out, cuddling with the fire and each other, my bulging belly, no buses on Sunday, Bronco fans, $50 change fee, and much more!

This hike was amazingly gorgeous the entire 11 miles. We found hidden waterfalls, I saw moments of Colorado's beauty mixed with beautiful beaches. Definitely the prettiest hike I have ever done! I highly recommend it to everyone. It took us about 7 hours to hike in and we hiked out in 2 days, stopping halfway.
"Aint about how fast I get there, aint about whats waiting on the other side ... its the climb!"
Thank you Miley Cyrus


I enjoyed every step (even if I can't pick up my feet) with you. I love all the adventures we have been on, but I mostly enjoy the journey it takes getting there. Thanks for the memories !!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Home again Home again.... For the 4th year its just Me and Michelle with my mom and dad for Christmas. We always have so much fun together though, she is my Best Friend! Its been snowing since I got here and I LOVE IT!! So wintry and Christmasy and Pretty!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I was lucky enough to be able to go home to Colorado for Thanksgiving this year and be with my whole family. It was awesome to see everyone. Good food and great times! It is hard being so far away, but I manage to see everyone a few times a year which is good. Hopefully I will get a few visitors out to Hawaii this year!! All the kiddos ... and yes I am wearing a flower, sometimes I feel like I am Hawaiian, then I remember I'm not.

This was taken right when Elsie got home from her mission a year and a half ago. I am so Thankful for family ... its the greatest treasure one can have!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pipeline Photo Shoot

The biggest surf competitions in the world have been happening the last few months. Haleiwa, Sunset, and Pipeline (the Triple Crown of Surfing). Last year I only new the name Kelly Slater when it came to the surfing world. Being in Colorado and Utah I was more into the snow scene, so it has been fun converting to a beach/ocean lover (which I totally am!!) Pipeline is always awesome to watch, but this year the Eddie Aikau competition at Waimea went on due to the huge waves we've been having. Now THAT (the Eddie) was AMAZING! I seriously got the chills watching it.

(our Christmas Card)

This is just a few of the pictures we took during our photo shoot (which actually lead us to a job working during the Pipe Masters, thanks to my hot roomie in her bue bikini haha)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick-or-Treat Smell-my-Feat

Halloween!! My friend Kelsey's favorite Holiday. I consider myself a somewhat creative person. But not when it comes to picking out Halloween costumes. I can never decide, nor do I think my ideas are ever clever enough. I think it is the Pisces in me. People out here in Hawaii keep telling me I look like Cindy Lou Who. What??? Really?? Never heard that before. So I could be Cindy Lou Who... or others tell me to be Pebbles.

But I think I will end up being something similar to this:

I wish it wasn't out of the norm for adults to go trick-or-treating with out having kids with them. Me and my friends in High School went up until our senior year. Nothin wrong with that! Maybe I'll just steal some little kids candy bag!


These little Hawaiian children better watch out for a zombie prom queen/cindy lou who/bloody bride/pebbles/dead princess out on the loose!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We have strong muscles....

..... and apparently like to show them off!

I was looking through all my pictures and found all these of me and Candice. Including pictures of us doing the same gun show pose 5 years ago. I am so blessed to be living the dream out here in Hawaii with my best friend. I am so excited for more poses in new exotic places!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I have to take a moment out of my busy schedule to talk about what I just ate. I normally don't blog about my food intake (although I should because I love food and I take pride in every bite I have), but what I just consumed was ridiculously delicious. Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, and I was so hungered after watching my students play racquetball. I was thirsty too-- watching people work out is exhausting. And for the first time in awhile I was working in my office which is a rare occassion (I find it hard to get in work at my office when I don't really have to be here and the beach is screaming at me to come play with him. He doesn't like when I leave him alone, and I don't want to hurt his feelings, so I usually end up hanging out with him rather than working in my office.) Ok, back to my taste buds. So I leave my office to fill up my water bottle and I decide to grab something from the Seasider (food court on campus). I go in and grab an apple. An ordinary Red Delicious apple. It was just washed so it had a little bit of water droplets still on it. This was no ordinary apple. Something about this apple was different. It was sweeter than usual, or crisper, or I don't know. But it was GOOOOD. So good in fact, that I am now procrastinating my time in my office where I was committed to working and answering the 100's of unanswered e-mails of players that want to come to BYU Hawaii to play soccer, watching the DVDs of players highlighting their soccer skills, and planning a practice just so I can share with the blogging community that I had an incredibly scrumptious red apple. I think I can hear the beach crying. I better go cheer him up.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Life

I moved back to Hawaii in July and this has been my life since then .....


PIZZA night!

At the airport after a game vs UH Hilo on the Big Island. Happy faces cuz we won!

Nothing better than North Shore shaved ice at the famous Matsumoto's with my favorite team.

At the hotel in Arizona ... again happy cuz we won.
We went to San Francisco for a week and played 3 soccer games. Winning them all!

We went to Seattle to play the Defending National Champs. Played great, but lost 0-1.

Team activity at the Polynesian Cultural Center where we watched the night show.

This was in place of a practice one day ..... BEACH DAY! We can do that when you live in Hawaii :) I know, I know ... I'm a cool coach. Haha

And I get paid to do this? With my best friend, and partner in crime? Life is TOO good!

(except she tried to throw me over the bridge)

silly penquin