Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The People We Meet

I believe that everyone we meet comes into our life for a reason. And I often like to look at the people I have met and see just how my life is different for knowing them. I have been blessed with some amazing people in my life. Whether it be blessed to have them as my family, friends, students, teammates, players, roommates, neighbors, boyfriends, co-workers, bishops, bosses, or just passengers on my plane. And we can consciously make a choice on how much we let them influence our lives. I love meeting new people and creating new relationships with them. I am awed at how many amazing people there are in this world. I have met people with similar lives as me, and people that are completely different. I adore them for what and who they are.

I value my relationships with my family and friends and all the different people I meet. I could go through and examine everyone and list what I have learned from them, but that would take forever. But this post is actually entirely dedicated to the woman I met on the plane the other day while I was working. She was the last one on the plane, seated in the last row, she walked with a walker and a severe limp. Everyone was a bit irritated as they were in a hurry for the flight to leave. This lady was not filtered, said what she wanted (nothing rude or crude, just frank and funny), she spoke very slowly and slurred her words. She walked with her husband and son to the back of the plane and sat right next to me, and the lavatory, which she laughed about. Saying "it's a good thing they put the cripple all the way in the back, by the toilet, just in case." I looked at her and saw that she clearly had reconstructive surgery done. When we were in the air, she told me her story. She showed me her pictures. She was in a motorcycle accident, got hit by another car. She was in a coma for 7 months, doctors didn't think she would make it. But she did. They said she wouldn't be able to walk again. But she did. She had to learn everything again, how to feed herself, write, do her hair, dress herself, speak. And she did. While in the coma, her then husband cheated on her and brought the other woman into the home. Her current husband married her after the accident, he saw her for the true beautiful person she is. And she is beautiful. Beautiful to the core. Her son is adopted. He was her foster child, one of many she chose to give a home to, and she adopted him at the age of 13 so he would have a family and a better life. Her amazing attitude, outlook on life, and her charisma was enchanting. She feels so blessed for her health and her life. The strongest serving of humble pie I have received in awhile. How grateful I am for the lesson I learned from her. Be thankful. Everyday. For life. For health. For God. Made me feel real dumb for ever complaining about petty things. Made me want to take advantage of my healthy body, and run, and dance, play, sing, laugh, love. Yes, to the beautiful woman I met on the plane, thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your smiling face, even though it may be hard to do so. Thank you for thinking of others, for recognizing the good in your life, for acknowledging God's hand in your life. He has not left you, He has blessed you and loves you as you bless and love others.

You never know who you are influencing. If you are reading this post, there is a strong chance I have learned something from you and I thank you for that.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I escaped to the island once again. Enjoyed some sun, Waimea, good friends, beach, waves, and my favorite food spots. Pipe Masters was going while I was there and the waves were amazing. I loved watching young little John John Florence. I miss my life in Hawaii, but love that I get to go back whenever I want.
I think I like my job :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


For the past 3 years I have not been able to enjoy the Fall season living in Hawaii. I thought I loved summer, but I absolutely LOVE Fall. I had no idea what I was missing out on. Oregon is incredibly beautiful this time of the year. I love all the leaves changing colors right now. Red, yellow, orange. Oregon is full of trees. Everywhere. Streets are draped with curtains of leaves. I just drive around everyday in awe of the beauty of this season. I love it so much here!

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"
Esslesiastes 3:1
Enjoying this time and season of my life

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My lil sis came out to visit for the weekend ... we took a quick trip up to Seattle. So fun and so pretty. It was her first time to Washington. We went to the Space Needle. Pike's Market PLace, took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, hung out with Kikob, and of course ate good food!

We also hiked around Portland ! We hiked up to Multnommah Falls, just outside of the city limits, and it was breathtaking.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Snob

After living in Hawaii for the last 3 years, I have become the biggest beach brat. I hung out in Huntington Beach for the weekend. I had a great time, however California beaches just don't compare to Hawaii...

the water is cold
the sand isn't soft and white
the water isn't clear blue
it's windy
it's cold
the surf isn't as good
there's seaweed everywhere
it's too crowded

see ... i'm a brat!

punch me now. I am the most annoying person to go to the beach with. I haven't even been to Oregon's beach yet. Gulp.

ok, that being said, I still love the beach in any form that I get it and I had so much fun. I really love Huntington, Newport, San Clemente and can totally see myself living here some day!!

We went sailing one day and it was beautiful. We sailed next to a ton of dolphins. It being Shark Week... we kept looking for sharks, but didn't see any.

I got to hang out with cousin and one of my college BFFs... LOVED every minute :)

don't worry, karma got me back . . . i burnt my nose !

and i promise if we go to the beach together, i will have a great attitude and be a lot of fun :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Jet Plane

A few things about me...

I love the sky. The clouds. The colors. The moon. The stars. Sunrises. But mostly Sunsets.

I love soccer. Playing it. Coaching it. Watching it.

I love to travel. Explore new cities, lands, mountains, seas, people.

I love Hawaii. Perfect weather. Ocean. Beaches. Mountains. Palm trees. Sunsets.

***Warning*** I am going to talk about how awesome I think my life is, sorry.

I have been lucky enough to live the dream the past 3 years. I was living in Hawaii, coaching soccer. I can't think of anything that is better. Coaching soccer for BYU Hawaii, where the team was phenomenal. We won Conference 2 out of the 3 years. And last year we not only took 1st in Conference, we took 2nd in Region, and for the first time in BYUH history, we placed in the top 25 finishing 21st in the Nation. I was named Coach of the Year for our Conference. Coaching this team has brought me so much joy. Playing with them was a treat.

Living in Hawaii has been a dream. I love the warm weather. Running on the beach, watching the sunset, playing in the ocean, surfing, hiking to waterfalls, kayaking in the ocean, getting lost in the mountains, swinging on hammocks, jet skiing to remote islands, cliff jumping, sea turtles, playing soccer, laying out with my friends, my ocean view deck, Froyo, Haleiwa Eats, Matsumoto, Malasadas, Impossibles Pizza, acai bowls, Jeeping up to the turbines, Turtle Bay hot tubs, Stairway to Heaven, Napali Coast, Road to Hana, black sand beaches, volcanos, stand up paddling, and camping.

Well... all good things must come to an end... but don't worry, they lead to other awesome opportunities !!

I have decided to no longer coach for BYU Hawaii. Soccer and Hawaii will always be a part of my life along with all of the great friends I left, but I have decided to pursue other dreams. I am now working for SkyWest Airlines working as a Flight Attendant. We fly United and Delta flights. I am based in Portland, Oregon and I am so excited to get to know my new city. It is beautiful here and I have a feeling I will quickly fall in love with this place. Even though I am a bit worried about the winter, I will hopefully make it through.

I have made some amazing friends through this process ... living in a hotel for a month is a definite bonding experience. I am excited for the Adventures we will have and look forward to being reunited in Paris :)

So up to the skies is where I go now! I love my life :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Proud to be an American!