Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My lil sis came out to visit for the weekend ... we took a quick trip up to Seattle. So fun and so pretty. It was her first time to Washington. We went to the Space Needle. Pike's Market PLace, took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, hung out with Kikob, and of course ate good food!

We also hiked around Portland ! We hiked up to Multnommah Falls, just outside of the city limits, and it was breathtaking.


Jen and Greg Steele said...

soooo "smukke", especially you... (beautiful in danish)!

Kera said...

pretty girls, pretty pictures. love your yellow hoodie ;)

Anonymous said...

Irony of ironies. We live on Bainbridge Island in Washington. My 16 year old daughter had this fantasy of applying to BYU Hawaii, and playing soccer for you - simply because of the "soccer girl" video on youtube. Silly, right? Said she could "tell" that you were going to be an amazing coach. Alas, we looked on the BYU Hawaii website only to learn you had LEFT!! Sadness on her end. If you're ever up this way again, we'll buy you lunch!! Seriously! I am a film director and was simply looking at "glidecam" examples on youtube. That's how we found you. (Weird modern-world-connection stuff, I know.) If you EVER decide to coach again, my daughter wants to know WHERE? Okay? Hope your world is wonderful. Feel free to update us or say hi if you're up here again -