Wednesday, June 11, 2008

5 Random Facts About ME!

1.) I was the naturalist (tour guide) on a whale watching boat in Alaska with some friends. One of my most favortie experiences ever. Alaska is BEAUTIFUL!

2.) I won a hamburger eating contest my freshman year of college and got free lunch all year! (and I am willing to challenge anyone to an eating contest)

3.) My worst experience ever was being stung by a poisonous caterpillar in Costa Rica! No lie. It is actually a very funny story though.

4.) I had a pet balloon when I was little. She was red and I called her Rosie. She followed me everywhere, until one day she ran away. I ran outside calling her name frantically, but she was gone. My neighbor (who was an elderly woman named Rose, and NOT a fan of children) thought I was calling out for her. oops

5.) Christmas 2006 it snowed 5 feet in Colorado. Me and my little sister Michelle were snowed in my house so we dressed up in dance outfits we had from when we were little kids and made ourselves a candle lit dinner!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Welcome Home Hermana Theurer! My little sister, Elsie, just got home from her mission. She went to LA Spanish Speaking. She is my younger sister, but in a lot of ways my big sister. I look up to her not only because she is 5 inches taller than me, but also because she is an unbelievably amazing person! She makes everyone smile, she is everyone's best friend, she is sincere, she is so wise, she is pure, she is an Angel and she is my Best Friend!

Nothing better than family!