Friday, November 14, 2008

Conference Champs!

I may not have any kids of my own, but I have 26 girls that are pretty much like my children, so I will brag about them :)
For the second year in a row, my girls (BYUH Womens Soccer) became Conference Champs. We had an amazing run to end the second half of our season with a record of 10-2. It has been such a joy coaching these talented girls. They worked hard all season long, and it paid off.

Winning Conference, we got an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament! This is the first year that BYUH Women's Soccer made an appearance in the tourney. We were bottom seed in our bracket and played UC San Diego. Being the "underdog" team full of freshman and sophomore's we played an incredible game. One of the funnest games I have ever watched/coached. We had players playing bigger than their bodies, and having the game of their lives! Regulation time ended wiith a scoreless game 0-0. First over time ended scoreless as well, second overtime with only a few minutes left, UCSD scored a goal, knocking us out of the tournament. With thoughts of what we could have done better, I couldn't be upset with how my girls played because they gave everything they had, and thats all I could ever ask for as a coach. I am so proud to coach a team full of girls who inspire me to be better and encourage me to be my best.