Friday, September 12, 2008


Did that really just happen???

So, tonight, I was hanging out at my neighbor's house just chillin eating quesadillas, watching Michael Jackson musice videos when all of a sudden a friend called and said someone was ticketing my truck. **side note: I live right across the street from a grocery store and park there during the day, but move my car at night because they tow cars that stay there over night**

So, I run outside, check on my car and luckily, no ticket, but a warning for no overnight parking. It was 11:00pm. For it to be considered over night parking, wouldn't my truck need to be parked there overnight? Just a thought.

Ok, so I move my truck, ask a cop why it had been stickered, he says he didn't do it but to read the signs. I have already read these signs, thats why I don't park there overnight. Duh. Ok, so I oblige and move my truck in front of my house, go back across the street, read the sign, and walk home.

All of a sudden another cop pulls up next to me, flashes his lights, turns on his sirens, and gets out of his car. He asks to see my license, which I dont have because I ran outside so quickly to move my truck that I forgot to grab it. I tell him I dont have it and ask if I did something wrong. He won't say. He asks for my name, height, weight, hair color, eye color, ssn, address, phone number, work number, favorite ice cream..... I again ask what I did wrong, he said JAY WALKING!! And, since he saw me drive and I didnt have my license he could arrest me. I felt like I was being punked! oh but he was nice and didnt arrest me, instead gave me a ticket for Jay Walking!?!? Ha, so nice. Best part, the first cop came over to give back up to his buddy, and jaywalked to us! haha. wow!

So about 30 minutes later after moving my truck which I thought might have been ticketed, I walk back home, with a ticket in my hand......... for jay walking. $70 fine.

where's the aloha spirit???